We strive to create delicious, healthy, and beautiful desserts, from the highest-quality, most nourishing ingredients. All of our desserts are naturally vegan and gluten-free, without the use of a soy base. Our process preserves the natural flavors and nutritional integrity of the ingredients.  To that wholesome base, we add a variety of fresh or frozen fruits, veggies (yes!), preserves, chocolate, coffee, depending on the flavor and season. Some of the desserts are raw; some are raw-inspired. All of them are Rawdacious.


The cheesecakes have a raw base of cashews, almond milk, and coconut oil. Our raw processing preserves the natural flavors and nutritional integrity of the ingredients. To that raw base, we add a variety of raw-inspired flavors and fruits. Organic unsweetened peanut and almond butters, baked butternut squash, homemade fruit preserves, and fresh-brewed chai tea are examples of some of the not quite raw but still whole food ingredients that make our tasty cheesecake flavors.  


We use organic and locally sourced ingredients when available, and are committed to being good stewards of the environment in our daily business practices.

To see a list of businesses where you can find Rawdacious cheesecake by the slice click HERE.


To order a whole cake, click HERE.



I bike, run, climb, and camp. A lot. Energy bars are a necessity for this kind of lifestyle.  And I’ve had way too many bad “healthy” bars, the kind you have to force yourself to swallow, because you just have to have those calories, even if it is almost making you gag.  Or they taste like candy and basically are -  fast food. Easy, over-processed calories. After one particularly bad $5 bar, I set out to make my own, for myself and again, for my friends.


My favorite part of my job is the experimental process of developing a new recipe, from scratch. The goal, to make a good, clean, healthful, energy-rich bar, that is minimally processed. Great fuel and a delicious snack in one portable package. After lots and lots of trial and error, I created the RBars, in a variety of flavors to fit the bill 


Leif Bars: Named for a sweet trail in Forest Park, and harkening back to Viking explorers of old, the Leif Bar is made for both athletes and folks on the go. Sweetened with local honey and gluten free, this mostly raw bar hits the flavor spot and gives a boost of energy when you need it the most. Nutritional facts HERE.


Lunch Ride Bars: Débuted at the 2013 Chris King Gourmet Century this bar is a straightforward trail bar sweetened with organic brown rice syrup, dates, cherries, and dried pineapple.  Vanilla, peanuts, and roughly chopped almonds, together with puffed rice, provide a perfect crunch.  Nutritional facts HERE.



County Line Bar: Developed with input from the folks at Crows Feet Commons and spiked with Stumptown Coffee beans, a blend of gogi berries, vanilla, cinnamon, and salt compliments roasted cashews, peanuts and oats. Perfect for: a night-hike, a sunrise snack, an afternoon pick-me-up.  Nutritional facts HERE.