Wholesale is the heart of our company!  We've been on the shelves and menus of our favorite co-ops, grocers, and restaurants from the very beginning.  We wouldn't be here without those first few accounts.  In July of 2019 we were thrilled to upgrade our packaging from clamshells to custom paper based cartons.  They're more attractive and reduce plastic consumption! 

We're available through select NW distributors, or with in-house delivery in the Portland Metro area. Send us a note at orders@rawdaciousdesserts.com to learn more.

Rawdacios wholesale cheesecake
Vegan Cheesecake
wholesale vegan gluten free cake

We also sell direct to restaurants.  Custom flavors to compliment your menu, delivered to you weekly.  Never fret about your vegan/GF dessert options again, we'll handle it!

Email: jenn@rawdaciousdesserts.com

From our current clients - 


 "The quality of Jenn's Rawdacious cakes are unparalleled.  Our Customers appreciate the variety and seasonality of flavors.  Her service is top notch!" - Karen Pride, Owner - Prasad, Harlow


“Rawdacious has provided us with delicious an beautiful cakes for the last several years.  Our customers love them!” Liam Duffy - The Bye and Bye, Sweet Hereafter


 “We went looking for a product to satisfy the palates of our vegan and gluten free customers and a customer recommend Rawdacious.  What was really surprising upon first taste was that - it was so delicious!  It's such a pleasure working with Jenn, and being able to serve a product that we stand behind.” Paul and Emily, Owners of  P’s and Q’s