available in three sizes:
10" - feeds 12-16. starts at $55
6" - feeds 4-6 starts at $25
2" mini - individually sized, order in batches of 24 per flavor
Tiered cakes - vary in size & cost, see examples below



Some flavors available only in season. Please allow 4 business days for special orders.  FYI - We always keep a few cakes (10" and 6") on hand at our cafe, Tiny Moreso, for last minute whole cake needs!  Come by and grab one! 

peanut butter chocolate chip raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip 

A long time Alberta favorite. Peanut butter base with chocolate chips and chocolate frosting. On a peanut and almond crust and topped with chopped peanuts.  Nutritional facts available HERE

key lime raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Strawberry lemon raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Key Lime Coconut

Who doesn’t want limes with their coconuts?  Lime base with coconut “whip cream” frosting on an almond coconut crust.  Lovely and refreshing anytime but especially spring and summer.  Nutritional facts available HERE

Strawberry Lemon

It tastes like summer.  Lemon base with organic northwest strawberries swirled in, topped with a vanilla cream frosting. On an almond coconut crust.  (Blueberry Lemon and Raspberry Lemon available in season).

matcha raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Matcha with Coconut 

We source our Matcha from our Mizuba Matcha, and blend it with fresh almond and coconut milk.  Sweetened with agave and balanced with vanilla bean.  Topped with coconut frosting.  Delcious with fresh strawberries, in season.

almond butter raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Almond Butter Chocolate

Like a blizzard for grownups, I love this one served frozen. Almond butter base with dark cocoa swirled in. On a chocolate crust and topped with a dark chocolate dipped almond.

cookie dough raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

Just like it sounds.  Chunks of  vegan cookie dough made with creamy peanut butter and chocolate chips.  In a creamy vanilla base, on a peanut crust, and topped with chocolate stripes. Popular with the late night crew. Contains real sugar and organic (soy free) Earth Balance.

white chocolate berry vegan gluten free cheesecake
White Chocolate Raspberry (or any berry!)

A classic from the earliest days of

Rawdacious.  We use raw cacao butter (we call it off white gold for it’s color and expense) for a rich vanilla infused “white chocolate” base, then swirl in raspberry.  

The possibilities are endless here folks. Pick a berry, add fudge….if you can dream it...

neapolitan raw vegan gluten free cheesecake

When one classic is not enough. Strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate, layered on a chocolate crust.  

lemon fig raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Lemon Fig

A staff favorite. Creamy vanilla lemon base with Dalmatian fig 

preserves  swirled it. We forget how we came up with the idea, but love its simplicity and balance of sweet and tart. On an almond coconut crust.

pumpkin raw vegan gluten free cheesecake

Ridiculously good and contains no actual pumpkin. Instead; baked

butternut squash, fresh carrot juice, coconut milk, and all the right spices.  This cake makes everyone happy September through December.  Did I mention it was good?  It's so good!! Oh yeah, topped with whip cream frosting and on a nutmeg almond coconut crust.

pumpkin raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Dark Chocolate Orange

Pretty much just like it sounds.  Vanilla Orange cream layered into dark chocolate.  A beautful zebra pattern makes this one as showy as it is delicious.  

maple vanilla raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Maple Vanilla Pecan

We have a hard time keeping the garnish for this cake in stock because we can’t stop snacking on the candied pecans.  Maple sweetened (no agave in this one) and loaded with vanilla, this cake is served on a chocolate crust and topped with candied pecans.

coffee with cream raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Coffee with Cream & Fudge

Made with organic instant coffee this has a more traditional coffee (think coffee ice cream) dessert flavor. We swirl in a maple 

sweetened fudge and top with whip cream. Decadent and so yum. Chocolate crust.

blueberry coconut raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Blueberry Coconut

Inspired by a sorbet Jenn tasted at a fancy place downtown.Coconut cream and lots of blueberries combine in a surprisingly sophisticated way. Topped with whip cream frosting and served

on an almond coconut crust.

cherry almond fudge raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
salted bourbon vanilla raw vegan gluten free cheesecake
Cherry Almond Fudge

Inspired by Cherry Garcia by Ben and Jerry’s. It tastes just like it. Except

it’s organic and cane sugar free and vegan and made right here in Portland. Enough said.

Salted bourbon vanilla

We blend our lovely cashew cream base with local bourbon, vanilla bean, and chunky salt.  Served on a chocolate crust and topped with dark chocolate.  Perfect for the holidays.  CONTAINS ALCOHOL


Mini cakes are excellent for parties!

2" mini vegan cheesecakes are available in batches of 24. We can make any of the above flavors into perfect little cakes for sharing or enjoying individually. Great for weddings and baby showers! 

mini vegan gluten-free cheesecak
peanut buter chocolate mini vegan cheesecake
vegan glute fre vegan cheesecake assortment
chocolate mini vegan gluten free cheesecake