Owner + Maker + Athlete + Mom: Jenn Pereau


Sometimes a slice of cake will change your life.



I was at a raw vegan café in Austin, Texas, having dinner with my sister-in-law and my brother. 


The meal was great, but the dessert was inspiring: An amazing slice of cheesecake that just 


happened to be vegan. I said, “I have to make this for my friends back home.” 



When I returned to Portland, I began experimenting in my kitchen, learning from Portlanders in 


the restaurant community, and teaching myself. The dessert I wanted was vegan, gluten-free, and 


minimally processed. Made from whole, organic ingredients - just fruits and nuts. With no 


compromises on decadence, elegance, or flavor. At the time I was managing a vegan restaurant 


and I thought our dessert offering s were lacking, especially after having been exposed to raw 


desserts back in Texas. I bought a Vita-mix, and the Sweet Gratitude Cookbook.   Soon I was 


gifting my newly created desserts to friends and serving them at parties. It was great to see my 


food bringing people together; providing a way to connect and a way to communicate.  I loved 


being a part of those connections, and I wanted to spread the love and joy to a wider community. 



And so Rawdacious was born.


When my dear friend Karen opened Prasad, I started making them for the cafe, one at a time, in their kitchen, very early in the morning.  They


sold well and soon I was making two and three at a time.  My little hobby had become something so much more! Portland has a huge appetite


for tasty, healthy, and handcrafted foods, I did and have always felt that this little city is the perfect birthplace for this sweet little company.



Four years later I am working out of a wonderful certified kitchen in southeast.  My desserts are featured in some of my favorite restaurants in


town, and I’ve served them at weddings, graduation parties, birthdays and showers.  We’ve developed 100 recipes of our own, and started a line


of energy bars. I encourage you to try a few Rawdacious creations yourself. You just might fall in love with cake all over again.





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